New logo for car brand Nissan

Nissan has revealed a new company logo.

The current logo has been used for 20 years, but back in 2017 it was decided a rebrand was needed to incorporate the illumination required in upcoming electric models.

Tsutomu Matsuo, deputy general manager of Nissan’s advanced design department, who led the in-house design team that created the new logo, said: ‘The new Nissan logo communicates our guiding message, carried over from past iterations: If you have a strong, determined belief, it can even penetrate the sun.

‘At Nissan, this strong belief in the power of achievement has never wavered and can be seen in our pioneering efforts in electrification, driver assistance and digital connectivity.

‘Our logo has to convey all of this in just a glance, to show our commitment to our customers, employees and society.’

Nissan’s EVs will sport an exclusive illuminated logo that has 20 LEDs to represent the number of years between logo redesigns.

It will then be incorporated in dealership signs as well as on letterheads, social media and digital advertising, so you will see it soon.

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