About us

Welcome to mpec auto illustrations founded by Matt Marshall 



mpec auto illustration’s artwork uses a combination of passion and appreciation for
graphic design and art with a love of cars.

As a self confessed ‘petrol-head’, I have also been a graphic designer for the last 25 years!

Classic cars are my top passion and I get excited about visiting any kind of show displaying classic cars,
be it at a local village show, a national car meet or the Classic Car Show at the NEC!

It was at the latter that I came across the idea of putting my two passions together.
Wandering through the stalls and stands I saw other car artworks and had a realisation
that here was something I could do and have fun doing it! 

The car has transformed society and with a large percentage of the population driving,
the car is often seen as a member of the family.
What better way to instil that memory than with a print of your beloved vehicle?

All artworks are created at my base in rural Derbyshire
where I dedicate hours of attention to detail to ensure the perfect results.

I painstakingly hand draw each individual line on my Apple Mac and each car takes around 20 hours. 

I believe strongly in a personal service, producing quality worthy of being on display.

Delivery timescales vary per product, please see the individual listings for details,
and will be sent securely packaged to reach you in pristine condition.