Welcome to mpec auto illustration founded by Matt Marshall 



I have worked as a graphic designer for over 25 years and this has included work for automotive brands such as JCB, Renault and the Jim Russell Motor Racing School, when it was based at Donington Park. I have always had a passion for classic and racing cars and this led to me founding mpec auto illustration in August 2019.

My artworks are created utilising Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, with each illustration taking around 14 days to create. As an example of the detail I go into, this Ford Sierra Cosworth illustration had over 1500 lines drawn, with 19,000 points - that’s a lot of clicks of the mouse!

When drawing the cars, I use flat colours to interpret shadows, highlights and midtones on the reflections of the bodywork, rather than graduations and this gives my artworks a defined style. For the overall look of the posters I take the main colour used on the car and apply this as the background colour which is topped off with the central white line which is homage to the coach lines used on cars in the 1970’s. This also helps the posters to sit well together on walls as a set.

If you purchase a poster, I hope you love it just as much as I did creating it, and would love to see pictures of your framed and mounted posters, either sending them directly or tagging us on social media.

The portfolio of cars that I illustrate is continually growing, so please keep checking back to the website on progress or sign up for updates. Alternatively, follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook - @mpecautoart

Matt Marshall - mpec auto illustration